These represent all the kindness, support and encouragement I received on my journey, and I'm determined to pass them along.

2022 Art under Pressure Award, IUCr Workshop, APS

"You give me butterflies"

Studies with diamond anvil cells (DAC) give me butterflies in the stomach--it makes me nervous and anxious, but I'm also deeply in love with it. The butterfly drawn in the centre of the DAC represents both the side view of the diamonds and my feelings. The necklaces with varying texture around the DAC represent the synchrotron X-ray diffraction patterns.  [website] 

2022 First Place for Best Talk, SBU Postdoc Spotlight

"The impact of the impact: what does the rock say?"

The most fun part in my experience is not just studying and showing the impact of the natural impact events, but seeing the impact on the audience when the science is communicated properly. [SBU postdoc spotlight website] [SBU news article] 

Video  [youtube link]   

Enjoy life without dinosaurs!

Cake of 2019

Dr. N. Stewart McIntyre Award

Dr. N. Stewart McIntyre Award from Surface Science Western, UWO  [link] 

Highlights of my 2018

Three Minute Thesis Competition

Winner of UWO 3MT Final [Full video] [UWO Facebook post] 

Third place and Participants’ choice in Ontario Final [Full video] [YorkU link] 

Finalists of Canada National 3MT Final [CAGS link]