For the Love of Nature

Sweet Spring and Summer 24

The spring is in the air.


Amethyst with charoite. High school memories.


Ombre amethyst. Childhood memories.

Dark Matters

Black spinel.


Dark come with light.


Ruby and zoisite.

FW23--the True North

Winter is so white here, with fabulous sunrise and sunset.

Tons of work everyday, but first, coffee.

Walk by the river

Moonstone and some scenery.

The living sky



Blue lace agate all the way.

Scottish Summer 23

Crystal and physics--Al2O3 and SiO2 system.

Designed for the summer school and 28th AIRAPT and 60th EHPRG International Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Morning mist

Highland sunset

Melting moon

NYC Summer23

For the cocktail, for the city, for the unforgetable summer.

On the rock

A bit old fashioned.

One floral drink

Rose water, petals and more.

One more

They said amethyst will keep you sober.


Fruity gummy jello.


The candy wrap.

Summer berries

The front

Strawberry picking

The other front


Wild and sweet.


Berries make me happy.

A musical


An opera


Spring23--Home, sweet home 

For the nest, for the wings, for the adventures.

Designed with spring memories back home.

Left: Morning dew. 

Made of moonstone, tsavorite, aquamarine, yellow beryl, rock quartz.

Big bird

Labradorite, carved in India.

Small bird

Lapis with gold swallow.

Twilight bird

Aquamarine, moganite and a seagull.

Cherry Blossom

Born in a pink sea.

April shower

Moonstone, aquamarine, quartz.

The beach

Rose quartz and aquamarine.

The Moon

The moon walks me home.

Falling for you.

All black spinel.


For velvet dress.

Valentines' collection

Designed with dating outfit in mind.

Love is a bullet.

You can shoot the bullet, or hit by the bullet, or both.

What unlock the heart?

Lucky charms might work, maybe? 

Red rose, white rose

Double side rose made of beads.


Velvet choker pretty in the front and back.

Venus I

Dark red velvet choker.

Venus II

Greyish blue velvet choker.

Venus III

Earrings pairing with the chokers.

That bright star


Full Moon

夜の海にきらめく 月あかりのように 

Not so full Moon


FW22--Let there be light!

Designed with synchrotron workshop outfit in mind.

Debut in person at IUCr High pressure workshop, APS, Dec 2022.

Inspiration: synchrotron, everything about feldspar.

Labradorite I

Grey but magical!

Labradorite II

Holds the key to the questions.

Clair de Lune 

All beads have interesting inclusions causing various light effects.

SS22--Star gazing night

Designed with classic cocktail dress and banquet outfit in mind.

Debut in person at MetSoc, Glasgow,  August  2022.

The pieces for my presentation -- Diaplectic Glass

The earrings representing diaplectic glass under PPL (light color) and XPL (isotropic). 

The earrings also represent the fancy chandelier in theatre entrances, which is on during the night and off during the day. 

The ring represents a view of meteorite thin section under microscope, consisting of some melt, some light minerals and some dark minerals.

Falling stars

Casual daily wear.

I took a photo of the night sky

Shooting star, satellite, and plane...where are my aliens?

A fireball

Graduated changing color bicones representing a fireball falling over a lake.

Moon I: Phases

Graduated necklace of Moon phases. 

Very formal looking.

Moon II: Blue

Icy necklace for hot hot summer. 

Pair well with any light color outfit.

Moon III: Bloody

Inspired by the bloody Moon from the full eclipse in mid May. More casual than the Moon Phase one.


The first star after sunset. 

Surprisingly pairs well with round neck white T-shirts.

No place better than our Solar system

Deluxe 3-in-1 with emphasis on asteroid belt. Looks super cool when pairing with V-neck black outfit.

Day & Night

Sun and Moon, stars and dreams.

Classic and playful with no wrong way of wearing. No real front no real back, just like life.

FW21--Celebrate our solar system

This collection is to celebrate the beauty of our solar system with the beauty of natural minerals beads. Tried my best to match the color and size of each beads with the real planets and their moons.

Designed with conference outfit in mind, especially with white dress shirts.

Looooong preparation process for collecting beads and material.

Finished in February, 2022, at London, ON.

Debut in March, 2022, LPSC at Houston, twitter[link] .

The best of the best

The start of this whole collection.


Lava beads as meteorites, photo taken in the Houston sun.

3-in-1 necklace

Inner and outer solar system with asteroid belt.

Earth-Moon system

Simple with black spinel as stars.

To Mars

Red garnet, from Earth to the Moon and Mars.


Free rotating orbital planes give this pair of ear clips some vivid movements.

Inspired by my favourites

Autumn in Forbidden City

Golden gingko and sweet osmanthus, red wall, blue sky and cat.

Winter in the north

Snow covered ground in pine tree forest and the night sky above.

Prisoner: the front

Dark side or into the light? She turns into gold.

Prisoner: the other front

The pain, the key and the flowers.


All beads got in Edinburgh during my adventure, love love love the city and the people.

Purple and Proud

The people in UWO made me a better person.

Lake Moraine

The turquoise color water in Banff.

The lake



Inspired by icefield in Jasper.

Princess I

Two necklace but many ways of wearing.

Princess II

Czech glass beads mimic natural lapis and turquoise.

From My Childhood Wishlist 

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

My favorite show when I was little. It marks the start of my love of blue gemstones, together with the one in Castle in the Sky.

Inspired by Nadia

Made on June 6th, 2022, London, ON

Howl's Moving Castle 

My favorite Ghibli movie. I also want to have their rings. 

Inspired by Howl

Set finished on June 6th, 2022, London, ON

Random Thoughts

Blue planets

Lapis lazuli with a reproduction of Mariam Haskell style chain.  Vintage inspired. Wore it to the wedding of my neighbor with cat.


Czech fire polished beads with varies color and texture, showcasing the changes of berries through spring summer and fall. The bracelet body is from a vintage set found in local theatre wardrobe sale.

A new journey

Ash key from local artist in Scotland and prehnite from a Edinburgh bead shop.

A rainy day

Jadeite beads looking like plant leaves after the rain,  with quartz beads as the rain drops. Jadeite beads are a lucky find in local thrift store.

Moon Tea

Some Moon, some tea.


The Moon seen on the Earth, the Earth seen on the Moon.


The earring that started all.

The blue color of Morocco.

A mermaid.